Repairs and maintenance

My work here ranges from periodic reconditioning of fingerboards, pegs, varnish, etc. to repairing complicated accidental damage. I treat every instrument with the utmost care.

For repairs and restorations there are sometimes different solutions. I am happy to advise you without any obligation.

Sound adjustments

Important and changeable parts, that effect the sound, are the bridge, soundpost, strings, tailpiece, tailpiece cord and cello endpins but also the neck position and bass bar. I check every detail of how these parts interact and often make only minor changes, which have a major effect. With sound adjustments especially, working with musicians is important to me, so I can adapt precisely to their preferences in terms of sound and playability.


During the lifetime of an instrument its arching may change due to various pressures and tensile forces, old repairs can no longer withstand the test of time or woodworm has found its way into the wood.

Most instruments from the baroque and classical periods have been modernised, which involved raising the neck position, enlarging the bass bar, replacing the bridge, strings, tailpiece and finger board. Some musicians prefer having them restored to their original state.

My approach to restorations is guided by how far I can maintain or restore the instrument as it originally was by seeing it in its own period, recognising historic and stylistic features and taking account of that in my work.

I carry out restorations of modernised instruments to baroque and classical instruments, renew old repairs that have not withstood the test of time, Carry out arching corrections and similar.