making of string instruments

Apart from restoration and repair assignments I am also involved in making new, high quality violins and violas. Based on Italian violinmaking of the 17th and 18th centuries, I create instruments in modern and baroque designs; each instrument is handcrafted individually.

I use spruce from the Italian Alps and Bosnian maple. I select each piece of wood myself based on various criteria. I cook the varnish myself or use some already prepared by specialists whose composition is similar to mine. When it comes to selecting other components such as the fingerboard, pegs, tailpiece, bridge and soundpost, I also make sure they are of the best quality.

I was able to consolidate my knowledge and skills regarding the construction methods of Cremonese violinmaking and baroque instruments at Roger Graham Hargrave’s workshop. The instruments I built there are played today by professional musicians in different countries.


You are welcome to visit me at my workshop and try out my instruments.
To get closer to the sound of your preferred instrument it is possible to borrow it for some time.